Cammeraygal High School

Empowered To Achieve


School Houses

The house system provides the foundation for cooperation at each school sporting event. The house names are based on Australian sport stars and draw inspiration from their achievements.

The 2022 school captains, Chloe T-L and Sebastian T, led the project to redesign the Cammeraygal High School house emblems. This involved consultation with the local Indigenous community to ensure the emblems reflected the native animals of Cammeraygal land. 

House captains

At the forefront of each house are house captains who are selected by vote from the student body through a representative election. House captains take on the additional responsibility of representing their house and are able to develop critical and important leadership skills.

House points

Houses are awarded points for their academic, sporting and community achievements. Carnival points are awarded at events, each attendee earns a point for their house through participation and top performers are awarded extra points for their house.

House Emblems

FREEMAN - Yellow

STOSUR - Green


HUGHES - Purple