Cammeraygal High School

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Extra Curricular Programs

Cammeraygal High School has a very wide range of dynamic student groups to explore. These exciting groups open up new worlds of discovery, nourish our students’ interests, and extend and enrich their learning. Moreover, they are a great way for students to make new friends and fully immerse themselves into the school. Teachers and outside experts will bring their knowledge and experiences to facilitate these groups in innovative and safe ways.

After School Science Help Club (Senior) – West St Library
Week A Tuesday after school  |  Week B Wednesday after school

 - Mr  Wong

Book Club (Junior) - Pacific Hwy B.4.04  |  Wednesday Recess
Organiser Ms Sharpe

Bunul Silent Film Club (Junior) – Pacific Hwy Library  |  Thursday Lunch
Organiser  Mr  Abbott

Chess Club (Terms 1 & 2) - Pacific Hwy Library  |  Friday after school
Organiser  Mr Nguyen 

Craft Club (Junior) – Pacific Hwy   |  Thursday Recess
Organiser Ms Shorter

Crobotics – West St   |  Friday after school
Organisers Ms Campbell & Dr Mirto

Debating (Junior) – Pacific Hwy A.4.16  |  Wednesday before school
Organiser Ms Sharpe

Debating (Senior ) –West St  |  Wednesday after school
Organiser Mr Nowicki

Environmental Committee
Mr Foster
The Environmental Committee is concerned with our environment and ways in which staff and students can commit to strategies that help us contribute to becoming a sustainable community.

Games Club (Terms 3 & 4) West St |  Friday after school
Organiser Dr Mirto

Karribarri Podcast Club (Junior) – Pacific Hwy Library  |  Tuesday Recess
Organiser Mr  Abbott

Knitting Club - Pacific Hwy B.3.28  |  Monday Recess
Organiser Ms Cumberland

Maths Club (Junior ) – Pacific Hwy B.3.38  |  Monday after school
Organisers Mr Hwang & Mr Zuber

Maths Support Y11 (Terms 1 & 2)  Y10 (Terms 3 & 4) – West St  | Tuesday after school
Contact Mr Zuber

Maths Workshops (Y7 & Y8) -  Pacific Hwy  |  Tuesday before school
Organiser Mr Zuber

Social Justice Club (Senior) - West St  |  Tuesday Recess
Organiser Ms Perry

Social Volleyball - Pacific Hwy  |  Tuesday before school
Organiser Mr Whittred

Theatre Sports – Pacific Hwy A.4.16 |  Week B Friday Lunch
Organiser Ms Sharpe  

Yabun Beat Music Club (Junior) - Pacific Hwy Library  |  Friday Lunch
Organiser  Mr Abbott