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Noone Uniform  

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Cammeraygal High School is a uniform school. All students are expected to wear the full school uniform as required. Wearing school uniform has many benefits, including:

  • defining an identity for the school within our community;
  • developing students' sense of belonging to the school community;
  • building school spirit and morale;
  • reinforcing the view of the school as an ordered and safe environment;
  • increasing personal safety of students by allowing easier recognition and complying with Work, Health and Safety clothing requirements;
  • making clothing more affordable; and
  • promoting positive community perceptions of public education.

Parents who have particular circumstances around uniform items (e.g. health, religious background) should contact the Principal. Families in difficult financial circumstances are encouraged to apply for help with uniform costs under the Students Assistance Scheme for Years 7-10.

Description of Uniform

The school and physical education uniforms are only available from Noone Uniforms. The uniform can be viewed online at

  • White dress shirt with logo
  • Pullover – black with red trim and logo
  • Shorts – charcoal; or
  • Long pants/trousers – charcoal; or
  • Pleated skirt – CHS tartan
  • Tie – black and red
  • Plain black leather shoes - unbranded and fully enclosed

  • Above the ankle socks - white
  • Hair accessories – red or red / black
  • Black school bag with school logo

Sports Uniform (worn for PE classes and all day Wednesdays):

  • Polo shirt – red and black paneled with logo
  • Sports shorts – Black and red
  • Cap – Black and red with logo
  • Sports socks - Above the ankle white socks
  • Running shoes – fully enclosed

NB:  Sports uniforms for grade sport and co-curricular sport will be supplied as needed.

The following items are optional:

  • Black school blazer with school logo
  • Black or red school scarf with school logo
  • Tracksuit pants with logo and / or jacket (for sport only) - black and red with logo

Unavoidable Out of Uniform

Occasionally situations arise where students cannot wear correct uniform for a short period of time – for example, due to damaged or lost items. In this instance, students should see the Deputy Principal before school with a note from a parent to receive a Uniform Pass.

Consequences for being out of uniform:

  • Students who are out of uniform without a pass will receive a detention at recess. Failure to attend recess detention may result in an after-school detention.
  • Students who are persistently out of uniform, or do not attend detentions, may be excluded from representing the school in sporting and other events.