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Student voice

Student Voice at Cammeraygal High School refers to the opportunities in student leadership and the expression of ideas, attitudes and perspectives on a range of issues within and beyond the school community.

Student Voice describes the distinct perspectives and actions of young people throughout schools focused on education and their engagement with local, national and global issues. Student Voice is giving students the ability to influence learning to include policies, programs, contexts and principles and the opportunity to be actively engaged with citizens that affect and influence decision making in the school and wider community context.

At Cammeraygal High School we teach our students to value the importance of integrity and egalitarianism and we continue to develop opportunities for them to be empowered in the expression of their collective and individual student voice.  

School Captains and Vice Captains

Our school Captains and Vice Captains are key senior student representatives who are elected based on their ability to uphold and promote our core school values. These students act as representatives of all students at in-school and offsite events and work closely with both the junior and senior staff. 

School Captains

  • Junior Campus: Edwin V and Jennie B
  • Senior Campus: Jeremy H and Sydney A

School Vice Captains

  • Junior Campus: Archie A and Ishani B
  • Senior Campus: Dylan T-L and Elise T-L

House Captains

The Cammeraygal High School House Captains who will work with the SRC to enhance our leadership density amongst the student houses . The House Captain and Vice Captain are elected annually to lead the four school houses; Stosur, Freeman, Goodes & Hughes throughout the year at school events such as the annual Swimming Carnival, Cross Country and Athletics Carnival. 

Senior House Captains

  • Freeman: Sophie R and Ryan P
  • Goodes: Samuel M and Dasha P
  • Hughes: Sahara R and Leah P-K
  • Stosur: Sachia W and Jade S

Junior House Captains (yet to be elected)


Congratulations to the following students who are the Cammeraygal Prefect Body for 2023:

Prefect Body

  • Academic: Yuta B and Isacc S
  • Art: Arvind S and Rachel C
  • Environment: Max N and Alex M
  • Social Justice: Anita Z and Sophie R
  • Sport: Peter J and Henderson C
  • Wellbeing: Chloe H and Zoe B

Visit the Cammeraygal High School Prefect instagram page to learn more about the school leaders and their initiatives.

Student Representative Council (SRC) 

Organiser: Mr McIntyre | West St Campus

The CHS Student Representative Council meet to discuss school goals, the constitution of school rules and student responsibilities. The SRC join in with local school and regional SRC. 

Junior SRC Representatives

  • Year 7: yet to be elected
  • Year 8: Ashton P, Finnley W, Zara N, Claire N
  • Year 9: Serena A-C, Milly G, Nathaniel H, Harry S

Senior SRC Representatives

  • Year 10: Abigail W, Bjorn N, Brandon C, Maayan R
  • Year 11: Evanya R, Egor D, Kiara P, Aidan P