Cammeraygal High School

Empowered To Achieve

Merit award system

The Cammeraygal award system offers recognition of student achievement in most areas of school life. The system is designed to enable any student to be successful and encourages student maturity, self-respect and self-discipline and participation in the school community.

Merit Certificate

6 x Merit Certificates accumulated over at least three different areas of achievement = 1 x Year Adviser Award.

Year Adviser Award

Year Adviser Awards are given to students by their Year Adviser.
3 x Year Adviser Awards = 1 x Bronze Award.

Bronze Award

Bronze Awards are presented to students by the Year Adviser at year meetings.
3 x Bronze Awards = 1 x Silver Award

Silver Award

Silver Awards are presented to students by the Principal at Assembly.
3 x Silver Awards = 1 x Gold Award

Gold Award

Gold Awards are presented to the students at Presentation Day along with a badge and medal!