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Wellbeing Programs@CHS

Cammeraygal adopts a learning stage, whole school and a targeted student approach to developing student’s social, emotional and academic, wellbeing. 

Year Group Wellbeing Program Overview

Year Wellbeing
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4

Focus Areas:

  • Personal identity
  • Collective identity
  • Respectful relationships
  • Resilience

Thursday 1 Feburary
KYDS Transition to high school and mental health workshop 


Week 1 or 2
CHS Anti Slur Policy- Culturally Safe Workshop as part of Orientation Week


Monday 19 to Wednesday 21 February 

Year 7 Camp 


Monday 5th Feburary 
Cyber Safety Workshop with Police Youth Liason Officer

Tuesday 14 May
My Resilience Program:

  • 4 Things Resilient People Do

  • Negative vs Positive Self Talk

  • Response to bullying

  • Know yourself, grow yourself

Tuesday 2 July
Just Like You- Inclusion workshop from Variety Children’s Charity

Thursday 19 September 
Digital Thumbprint Workshop- Cyber Security

Thursday 12 December 
Gibberagong Excursion- Teamwork and Reflection Excursion


Science of Surf
$5 per student


8 Thursday March 28
Smashed Project Workshop on alcohol and peer pressure


Monday 17 June 
Butterfly Foundation Presentation. Body Image and the Digital World


Friday 20 September 
Digital Thumbprint-Cybler Bullying

Kids Giving Back workshop


KYDS Presentation-
Connection is key: The L.O.V.E. framework for better relationships (years 7-8) 


Focus Areas:

  • Connectedness and community
  • Resilience an self-awareness
  • Risk-taking
  • Conflict resolution
  • Goal setting
  • Assertive behaviour

Tuesday 9 April

Let’s Talk Appearance and Ideals and Expectations:Butterfly Foundation

Thursday 20 June
Olympics Unleashed


Thursday 12 September
Digital Thumbprint Workshop-Digital identity

Friday 6  December
Year 9 Wellbeing BBQ Berry Island Reserve


Tuesday 10 December
Careers Session


Friday 8 March
International Women’s Day morning tea with Natalie Barr as guest speaker


Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 March
Camp at Somerset Outdoor Learning - Colo River


Monday 8 April
Cultural Safety Session - Anti-slur presentation

Thursday 23 and Friday 24 May
Students discover their top 5 strengths, understand how these inform identity, esteem and future choices and grow in acceptance of their peers. Students take home their  strengths card to facilitate a conversation with parents/carers.



Tuesday 26 November
Paul Dillon
Young people, alcohol and risk taking: Looking after your mates
This introductory session focuses on alcohol and students are provided with simple strategies on how to keep themselves and their friends safer when socialising. It also covers how to deal with alcohol-related emergencies, including knowing when to call an ambulance.



Focus Areas:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills

  • Decision-making, problem-solving and critical thinking skills

  • Coping, transition and self-management skills

Friday 8 March
International Women’s Day morning tea with Natalie Barr as guest speaker



Friday 26 July
Brent Sanders
Consent, personal safety, conflict psychology, decision making and life skills.
Sanders has had a distinguished career in the Police Force. As well as the servicing of corporate clients, Sanders gives seminars about harassment and discrimination at over 15 universities every year. He is also a regular keynote speaker at national and international university conferences.


Wednesday 22 August
bstreetsmart is an initiative of the Trauma Service at Westmead Hospital. The purpose of bstreetsmart is to reduce the fatality and injury rates of young people by promoting safe behaviour as drivers, riders and passengers.


Monday 23 September
GP in Schools Program
3-hour workshop that brings doctors and nurses into the school to build students’ confidence and health literacy in areas such as access to free healthcare, specific youth health issues, confidentiality, Medicare, and their healthcare rights.


Tuesday 24 September
Students learn to plan their future in light of their strengths. They discover what motivates them, set goals for critical areas of life and development and receive a take-home goal setting and resilience journal.


Tuesday 24 September
Anchor Man
Mental health and well-being movement that provides mental health education workshops.


Tuesday 24 September
Drug and Alcohol Youth Support Services
Topics covered include vaping, smoking, identifying drugs, effects of alcohol and drugs on the body, where to find help and safe partying.

Tuesday 26 November
Paul Dillon
Alcohol and cannabis: What do you and your friends need to know?
Information on cannabis will be provided. Potential cannabis-related harms, with an emphasis on mental health will be discussed, as well as some of the possible warning signs that could indicate a person may be experiencing problems with cannabis use. An update on vaping and e-cigarettes will also be provided. Finally, the impact of alcohol on the adolescent brain will be discussed, highlighting the potential risks of drinking during the teen years.


12 Friday 8 March
International Women’s Day morning tea with Natalie Barr as guest speaker

Wednesday 18 September
Paul Dillon

Last year at school: What do I need to know about alcohol and other drugs?

Information about drink driving and the process of random breath testing, as well as roadside or mobile drug testing, will be provided. Depending on the group, information about ecstasy/MDMA and psychedelics will also be discussed, including the implications of being caught with an illicit substance in your possession. Finally, the importance of seeking help as quickly as possible should something go wrong will also be reiterated.


Whole School Wellbeing Programs

There are many wellbeing related events and themes throughout the year that our school community engages with. The whole school wellbeing activities that students and staff participate in support the practice of our school values.

Targeted Wellbeing Programs

Some students require targeted support and opportunities to ensure they feel safe and supported at school. For this reason, we provide a number of programs that are available for smaller groups of selected students.

These programs include:

  • Kids Giving Back Program
  • Odyssey Academy

  • Season of Growth (small group developing strategies to deal with loss, greif and change)