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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Cammeraygal High School is an evolving and dynamic 7–12 comprehensive, coeducational multi–campus high school with the two campuses being located at Pacific Highway and West Street Crows Nest. The school commenced with an initial enrolment of up to 120 Year 7 students in 2015 and has continued to enrol other cohorts with each ensuing year. From 2021 the years 7, 8 and 9 cohorts are enrolled on the Pacific Highway site with years 10, 11 and 12 on the West Street site with an enrolment of approximately 870 students in 2023.

The school is a coherent dual campus school catering to all students from Years 7-12. Cammeraygal High School has a highly engaged parent community that has continued to support the school's initiatives, priorities and innovative programs which includes personalised education practices, creative and performing arts, and student leadership programs. The school continues to develop a collaboratively built school culture that provides learning opportunities for all students. Cammeraygal has an emphasis on academic excellence and differentiation with a strong reputation for delivering quality teaching and learning experiences in an inclusive learning environment. The school develops the whole student by offering a range of experiences to extend their skills, confidence and overall wellbeing. The 2022 HSC delivered outstanding results across the school with the highest ATAR score being 99.55!

Please see some of the highlights below:

  • Six all-rounders (top band results in 10 units) - Gota B, Dexter G, Elke G, Sarosh K, Angela K and Vetaka V 

  • Alexia R - first place in NSW in Aboriginal Studies

  • Liv W - top 10 in NSW in Aboriginal Studies

  • Sarosh K - top 10 in Legal Studies

  • 17.5% Band 6/E4 - this is a huge growth since 10.4% in 2021. This is the percentage of students who received over 90 in their subjects. 

  • 52.3% of results were either Band 5 or 6 (E3/E4)

  • Every student in accelerated Aboriginal Studies received a Band 6 result (over 90)

  • 23.8% of students in Advanced English received a Band 6 result, compared with 14.5% of the state.

  • 36% of students in Legal Studies received a Band 6 result, compared with 14.5% of the state. 

  • 25% of students in Business Studies received a Band 6 result, compared with 10.38% of the state.

  • When surveyed in 2022, 84% of Year 12 students indicated that university was their preferred post-school destination.

Cammeraygal is committed to continually improving effective classroom practices with staff professional learning being the key to ensuring this. Effective differentiation to ensure the learning needs of all students are being met has been a focus of professional learning at the school since 2015 to ensure diverse mixed ability classes where all students thrive.

A continued focus on the explicit teaching of literacy skills, specifically writing, will allow our students to demonstrate higher levels of growth on external measures such as NAPLAN and the HSC. This will be enhanced by a shared, whole-school approach to the teaching of literacy that will be evident in all classrooms from Stages 4 to 6.

Cammeraygal will also, as a two-site school, continue to focus on cultural cohesion and transition to ensure that a consistent and unifying approach is evident in wellbeing and learning programs. Maintaining a cohesive school culture is vital to ensure that all students feel a sense of belonging to the school and this will be achieved through the development of the Cammeraygal Code and the inclusion of a mentoring program to ensure that every student feels known, valued, and cared for.